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Bumbada! Women Drummers

Bumbada! Women Drumming are the sirens of drum…they will lure you into the rhythms of the drum forever! The group is a Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Maryland-based women’s drumming adventure that is named after the sounds of the drum, boom, ba, da (Bass, tone, snap). Bumbada! plays West-African based drumming music, while adding its own feminine and powerful flair. You will get hooked, beware! Tammi Hessen is the musical director and lead of the group


Meet the Bumbada Women Drummers!!

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My name is Romie.  I live in Lebanon PA.  I was born in Haiti & moved to NYC when I was 12 yrs. old.   In Haiti, women drummers are unheard of.   I had an uncle who was a master drummer.  After watching him play at an event, I was hooked & blown away!   Not having access to a drum then, I decided to utilize various items that were readily available to me such as: plastic gallons, wide-mouth glass jars, countertops, tables, metal basins etc.   I drove my family crazy! They didn’t understand my obsession.  I purchased my first djembe 30 plus yrs. ago from a street vendor in Harlem.  I’m fairly new to West African style drumming.  Last year, someone very special to me, gave the best gift ever… a weekend retreat with Wula! Once again, I was blown away.   It was there I met some amazing drummers.  You ask why do I drum? Well, it’s simple, I can’t help it!  It’s in my blood!  Drumming with Bumbada Women Drummers  is like a dream come true!  Having a woman as group leader is empowering, as drumming is still to this day male dominated.




I presently live in Grantville PA, and this is my 5th year drumming. I drum because I love the sound and rhythms. I love being in Bumbada band mostly for the bonds I have forged of friendship and love with my fellow drummers and leaders. I can’t imagine my life without Bumbada. I truly feel this is where I am meant to be.



I live in Lancaster & was born & raised here. I’ve been playing the djembe for about 9 months, and I drum because I enjoy learning a style of music that’s new to me. I play with Bumbada because it’s a great group of women who play individual parts & generate a fantastic sound together

I love feeling the positive energy coming from the Bumbada group as we practice & feeling the positive feedback from the audience when we perform.

And I love our fearless leader Tammi because she encourages all of us to reach our potential & teaches us about the African customs & heritage that created this wonderful music.




I am from the Lancaster County PA area, and I currently live there now. I have been playing dunun drums (stick drums) in Bumbada for 5 years now, and I love holding down that bass line! I love playing in Bumbada because it brings our spirits all together and creates s a unique sisterhood of the drum. “Thank you Heart….”



I was born in Virginia, and currently live in Forestville, Maryland. I have been a Bumbada for many many years, probably 15! I love the spirit and the energy of drumming, and have been an integral part of the Bumbada group playing djembe, dununs, and singing.



I am from Georgia, and currently live in Maryland. I am also one of the original Bumbadas when the group was located in Maryland, and have been playing for 15 or so years.



TAMMI (see bio on the homepage)



April 16, 2022, noon @ mechanicsburg earth day festival

April 24th @ Belly Dance Hafla, time and location tbd

June 25th Yoga Love Fest, Amythest Retreat Center, Duncannon PA


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