Bumbada Drumming Weekend

May 20-22, 2022 near Reading, PA

This Spring!! Register Below.



Come Celebrate the Eighth Annual Bumbada Women’s Drumming Weekend!

May 20th— 22nd, 2022

We are excited this year to welcome all of us back to camp! It has been 10 years, and that Bumbada spirit is rumbling “Start me up!”

The Bumbada Women’s Drumming Weekend will be held from May 20th – 22nd   at the South Mountain YMCA Camp in Wernersville, PA (outside of Reading). (www.smymca.org) This is the same magical place we’ve gathered in recent past years.


Can you Hear that?

Come all women drummers, all levels and all ages welcome. The structure of the weekend is a combination of workshop time and open time to drum and be together to honor the spirit of drumming, and the magic of an all-women event.  The weekend can include lodging in 8-women cabins unless you would like to bring a tent or commute. Other options include one night stay, or Saturday only option.

The weekend is being coordinated by Tammi Hessen, a drummer and teacher out of Lancaster, PA.


General Gist of the Weekend Schedule (subject to change):

*May 20th, Registration 5:00pm, and we officially open the event at 7:00pm, after supper. If enough women are coming earlier, stay tuned for workshops offered.
*May 21st, a full day and evening of classes/drumming…and dance party in the evening!
*May 22nd, we will be done at 12:00pm, bye bye after lunch

There are 4 options available for Bumbadas: full weekend overnight, full weekend commuter, one night only, and a Saturday-er only. The Schedule will be released at a later date.


Regular Registration Price (Prices Between April 17th and May 13th  when Registration Closes):

Full Weekend: $325

Commuter: $235

One Nighter: $220

Saturday-er: $165

We are also hoping to have some women vendors there, selling drums, accessories, etc., (you interested? let Tammi know) and a raffle.  For women who attend the weekend and do art of their own, there is an option to vend your items in exchange for a raffle item.

Workshops include (also subject to change):

All Level Djembe

Ensemble Workshops (playing as an ensemble)

Shekere Playing

African Dance/Movement

Dunun playing (stick drums)

Hand Technique

Open Drumming

Make Your Own Shaker

Tuning Assistance



DRAFT SCHEDULE as of 4/25/22




7:00PM Opening

7:30 Bountou Drumming

8:45PM Jami Shaker Making

10:00PM Open Drumming




9:00AM   Tammi Ensemble

10:15AM Marcy Shekere

11:15AM Jami Shaker Making


1:30PM Bountou Dununs

3:00PM Marcy Shekere

4:30PM Angela Dance


6:45PM Tammi Ensemble

8:00PM Tammi Djembe Rock

9:00PM SOC HOP & Open Drumming!



8:30AM BREAKFAST, Pack up

10:00 Caroline Brandy, Conga!

11:30 Tammi and ALL!

12:00PM Closing

1:00PM Lunch (optional)


Instructors to date (bios to come):

Caroline Brandy

Tammi Hessen

Marcy Francis

Angela Watkins

Bountou Robin Leftwich

Jami Karr


[want more class options? encourage your friends to sign up!]




TO REGISTER: make your payment below:



NOTE: Please stay tuned for procedures related Covid-19.

Full Weekend

From Friday @ 5:30 until Sunday @ noon, includes lodging, food, and workshops (except for shaker making, which is $25 extra)


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Commuter (includes tent or RV)

From Friday @ 5:30 until Sunday @ noon, includes food and workshops (except for shaker making).


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One Nighter

Either Friday day, overnight and Saturday day OR Saturday day, overnight, and Sunday day. Includes one overnight, food, and workshops (except for shaker making)


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Saturday from morning to night, includes food and workshops (except for shaker making)


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Early Bird Price — Shaker Making Workshop

You will have your own hand-made shaker instrument made with a gourd you pick and beads that you string!


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Donate to the Scholarship Fund for Women to Attend

Donate to the scholarship fund to help other women attend Bumbada Weekend! You can donate any amount, increments below start at $25, and you can select more than one increment.


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Your Host:

Tammi Hessen is a Lancaster-based drummer who has been studying in the West African hand drum tradition of djembe, and continues to explore and celebrate the nature of the drum as a musical instrument and tool for joy and personal and community healing.  She has traveled to Africa to study drumming. Tammi began teaching the Bumbada Women’s drumming classes in Baltimore Maryland in 2003, and the program continues to grow. Bumbada also has a performance group that plays for various events locally. You can contact Tammi directly for more information about the ongoing drumming classes in Lancaster, York, Reading, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania area, or for private lessons. http://www.tammihessen.com