drumming is in your hands….but it starts with your heart!

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Lancaster and Reading Areas….
All-level and Beginner West African Drumming with Tammi

Winter/Spring  2018 Schedule!!

New Classes in Lancaster and Reading!


Beginner Level in Lancaster PA

Lancaster Beginner Class (in Neffsville PA)

These classes start with the very basics, the do re mi of hand drumming. We will learn some basic songs to put together and feel the joy of playing music and drumming with a group! Drums are available, but you must RSVP that you are coming! If you are not a beginning but are interested in playing dununs for the class, let me know!

4 Session Dates for Lancaster Beginner Class:
February 21, 28

March 7, 14


Location: Neff Elementary School Music Room, 21 Valley Road, Lancaster PA

$70 for all four sessions, $65 for Manheim Township Residents
Please contact the Manheim Township Recreation Department to Register, http://www.manheimtownship.org



All-level in Lancaster PA

New Sessions start in Lancaster!

This all-level drumming class will start where you are at—at the basics and beyond— of the West African Djembe and Dununs. Tammi will lead you through some of the ancient traditional rhythms and inspire you to express the rhythms in your own soul. This class includes instructions in djembe and dununs, and Tammi encourages people to try both to gain a better understanding of the music. Also, these classes feed into a performance group, so who knows, you might be on stage some day soon!

Regular 4-class Session Time 5:15-6:30p:

Winter Session I:

January 23, 30

February 6, 13

Winter Session II:

February 20, 27

March 6, 20

Winter Session III:

March 27

April 3, 10, 17

Lancaster Location:

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
10 Delp Road
Lancaster, PA

$15 per class, $55 for 4 sessions if you register for 4 in the first class


Wintet Sessions —Reading PA Location

Save the dates! This is an All-Level class that focuses on traditional hand and stick technique from West Africa. Rental drums are available, but you must RSVP that you are coming and request a drum!

Sunday Session Dates for Reading All-Level:

January 28

februaruy 18

March 4

April 15

May 20

June 17


Pathways to Healing
1817 Bernville Road
Reading PA 19601

$20 per class


All Level Classes in Harrisburg, PA

Studio Solomon 310 South 10th Street Lemoyne PA 17043

All Classes are on Wednesdays, from 7:30-9:00pm. Cost and details TBD

February 2

March 21

April 11

May 9

June 13


Stay Tuned also for 2018 Djembe Boot Camp schedule for Fridays once per month at Studio Solomon, a technique/workout/musical extravaganza of a class!!



Overall information to REGISTER for ALL CLASSES
Drop-in is welcome for all classes!

Drum Rental
Rental drums are available upon request at least 12 hours prior class. For ongoing all-level classes, small donation for rental is appreciated. Drums also available for purchase




To Register for class (please do so that I know you are coming), contact Tammi Hessen (tammihessen@aol.com ) or 717.824.9392or facebook message me


  • By check: Mail payment to Tammi Hessen, PO Box 20, Blue Ball, PA 17506 (also email me or call that you are coming)
  • Online at www.tammihessen.com (click on classes)
  • In person at class


Catch Bumbada Women Drummers out at performance events:

Catch Bumbada Women Drummers out at performance events:
Saturday September 9th at Troeg’s Run at the Ned Smith Nature Center
Saturday September 23rd at Diversity Festival in Hummelstown PA
Saturday September 30th at the Goddess Festival in Wayne, 2:30 drumming class, 4-5:30 performance/interactive drumming/dance
Sunday October 8, 3:00p at the Spirit of Oneness event in Harrisburg
Saturday November 18th “It Makes a Village” Fundraiser in Harrisburg

see the “bumbada” link on this page!






Testamonials to Tammi

I’ve had many teachers, but the uniqueness of Tammi’s instructions has influenced me to infuse the techniques, and rhythms that she have taught into my own fundamentals of learning and developing skills as a percussionist. –L.F.

Having Tammi as a teacher has been a real pleasure and an important part of my life for the past ten years. Tammi’s creative skills are evident through her music. I feel blessed to have her share her immense talents with me. –D.T.

Tammi is not only has a mastery of drumming, but is a master teacher as well. She knows how to teach all levels of learners with patience and encouragement. She is great at breaking down rhythms to digestible parts, and she brings a joyful spirit to all of her classes. Under her skillful tutelage, I have progressed further with my drumming than I ever dreamed possible!—E.O.

Tammi once told me that we are all responsible to continue in the traditions of why rhythms are played and to make sure they are not forgotten. She has instilled this in my heart as well as all her students that I just watched in their awesome recital at F&M. As these students continue in their lives they will remember, play and instill the traditions to whomever will listen. Watching Tammi with her students gave me a feeling of wishing my youth back and being able to have the opportunity to learn the djembe earlier.

I have been learning from Tammi for 4 years now. Her patience and perseverance resonate through her mastery of drumming skills. Whoever has learned from Tammi has truly been blessed. Thank you for sharing your talent and skills with us all.– A.D.

Tammi is a gifted djembe drummer and instructor; her inclusive teaching style is balanced with an ability to instruct through different methods until everyone “gets it.” –K.W.




Testamonials to Tammi